Animal Holocaust


“Over the last fifty years, the number of animals slaughtered each year has escalated from 20 billion per year to now over 60 billion per year.

For those animals trapped in the food system, it is as if there is no animal movement at all.

The only effort to end or slow the Animal Holocaust has been to advocate for veganism and to recruit people to becoming vegan.

It is a complete failure as a strategy. Carnists are reproducing faster than we can create vegans. Our current efforts literally guarantee that the Animal Holocaust will never end.”


The modern animal movement is commonly dated from the publication of Peter Singer’s “Animal Liberation” in 1975. I take exception to that demarcation, as I have been an animal activist since 1958. In any event, the movement has been working for decades to end animal suffering. Most efforts have been aimed at rescuing cats and […]

via The Clueless, Rudderless, Dosorganized, Ineffective, Pathetic, Animal Movement — Armory of the Revolution


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