Animal Holocaust

Today, the greatest crime in all of history is not only legal, it is a multi-billion dollar industry, subsidized and protected by the state. The Animal Holocaust claims as many victims every ten minutes as the Nazi Holocaust did over 8 years. Sixty billion sentient creatures are murdered every year for their flesh. Calves dismembered alive, pigs boiled alive, chicks ground up alive. Horrors too unfathomable to be believed.

Suggested Reading
Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust

Armory of the Revolution

Behind every law are the guns of the state pointed at the citizenry.

Law is the justification for the existence of the state and the excuse for the state to use force and incarceration against the people.

Laws have nothing to do with justice, fairness, morality, or ethics. They are merely proof that a bunch of politicians agreed on something at a point in time.

And those politicians act out of political self interest, pandering to donors or constituents. Justice and morality have no hold on politicians.

Many of the greatest crimes in history were legal.

Burning witches was legal. Slavery was legal. Child labor was legal. Women as chattel was legal. The Nazi Holocaust was legal. Banning women from owning property and voting was legal. Jim Crow was legal. Segregation was legal.

Those who opposed those outrages were outlaws. Criminal dissidents. Enemies of society and the state. Liberals.


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2 thoughts on “Animal Holocaust

  1. I wrote my own piece about this for the liberation day, 5th of May in the Netherlands. People will mourn for people, but people will never mourn for animals 😦


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